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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Post  Lenalee on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:12 pm

Special Ranks: Ranks that aren't mentioned in the D. Gray-man series. These ranks are 'premium ranks' and you can get them only with the Webmaster's or one of the Admin's special permission.

Demandable Ranks: These ranks are only good for making the RP more interesting because they don't make you more powerful or are completely useless (like Level 3.5 at the Akuma Ranks). If you'd like to get these ranks, just post a topic in the "Requests" forum and the Admins will decide if you get the rank or not.


Exorcist Ranks


Exorcists are people, who are compatible with the Innocence and managed to synchronize with it. They possess anti-Akuma weapons and they have already mastered the basic techniques of their weapons. All of them are able to use the "First Level of Invocation", but every Exorcist needs to master the "Second Level of Invocation in order to reach a higher rank.

NOTE: Like Allen after learning how to use his left hand's 'Gun Form' (Cross Paling) and 'Sword Form' (Cross Spear).

Advanced Exorcist

Advanced Exorcists are those Exorcists, who have managed to fully master the usage of their anti-Akuma weapons and their Synchro Ratio is pretty high, but still lower than 100%. These Exorcists are able to master Full/Maximum Invocation, which is a very powerful attack, sometimes capable of defeating even a Level 3 Akuma. While performing the Full Invocation, the Exorcist is able to reach (NOT exceed) the 100% Synchro Ratio.

NOTE: Like Lenalee's Falling Footwork: 'Iron Shackles' (Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase) or when Allen uses his left arm at maximum power.

'Critical Point Breaker'

These Exorcists are people, whose Synchro Level is greater than 100%. They are extremely powerful Exorcists, who can easily defeat multiple Level 3 Akuma alone.

NOTE: Like Allen, after unlocking the 'Sword of Exorcism'.

Exorcist General

The Generals are legendary Exorcists, whose Synchro Level is greater than 100%. They are a lot stronger than the 'Critical Point Breakers' because of their great combat experience.

Special Rank: Legendary Exorcist

This is a Special Rank, which only those people can reach, who are truly great at RPing, never break the rules, have really good characters and are at least "Critical Point Breakers"..

Special Rank: Commander-General

The Commander-General is the leader of The Black Order. The Commander-General is a Legendary Exorcist and probably the strongest of all Exorcists. This is the ultimate rank an Exorcist can ever reach.


Akuma Ranks

Demandable Rank: Level 0

Level 0 is the Akuma right after its creation. It is only the metal skeleton which is presented similarly to a model kit format when still unoccupied by a soul. The human soul is the dominant personality, but it is still bound to the Earl's control. The ends of the arms varies from Akuma to Akuma. The separate 'bones' are not connected in any way, but rather hover near where they would be connected. After a soul occupies the skeleton, a pentacle along with its host's name below it will be inscribed on the forehead of the skeletal structure. No matter how inhuman an Akuma becomes upon reaching level 2, the level 0 form remains as its skeleton.

Level 1

Level 1 consists of a floating ball shaped creature with dozens of gun barrels protruding from it that fire enlarged 5.56 x 45 mm NATO-like rounds. The gun barrels are flexible and can be bent to face any desired angle without affecting its firing capabilities. The bullets made of the blood of the Akuma is deadly to the human flesh, leaving black star marks, cracking and corroding the human's body. Only those with a parasitic Innocence like Allen Walker, Arystar Krory (Crowley) or Suman Dark can heal the virus, sucking the virus out with his teeth (for Allen, his Innocence just cures him of the Akuma poison. Krory can also suck the virus out of other humans that were hit by an akuma blood bullet), from these bullets. The souls inside a Level 1 Akuma have the bodies and clothes of their original forms. However, their faces are rather distorted and there is a chain around their necks expressing intense pain and sadness of the trapped soul. Level 1 akuma exhibit somewhat a transition from deteriorating human personality to an evil personality for level 2 later on as observed in their increasing obsession to simply kill and may, hence, show zombie like behavior in their human form. A Level 1 Akuma will advance to a Level 2 once it has fulfilled a substantial quota of kills of humans and exorcist.

Demandable Rank: Level '1.5'

Level '1.5' is not an actual level per se, it is more of a mid-way point for a Level 1 Akuma. The only difference is that the Akuma becomes rounder and more spherical, with the ends of the barrels on the surface. Their facial expressions appears to show more instances of emotions closing in to a personality as of a level 2 (In the anime, a level 1.5 akuma grins like a maniac when it successfully anticipates and counters Allen Walkers attack from behind a building.) Their bullets can also penetrate barriers that normal Level 1 Akuma bullets can't.

Level 2

Level 2 produces a dramatic change. They develop a unique ability and a sense of self. Level 2 Akuma are capable of intelligent thought and are largely independent, though they still maintain unquestionable loyalty to the Millennium Earl and the Clan of Noah. The souls of Level 2 Akuma seem to become more deteriorated. The souls inside of these Akuma can't seem to be identified at all and are in a fetal position, wrapped from head to toe in bandages. Level 2 Akuma come in all shapes and sizes (some have even appeared simply as a gas, fire, a demonic court jester, or even a playing card) and they have no common appearance. They also have different powers, such as copying a person's appearance (mirror image), emitting "ice fire" which hurts worse than normal fire, creating blades of air, emitting destructive sound waves, and creating bubbles that absorb water from everything they touch. Some Level 2 Akuma even carry modern day weaponry such as homing missiles and various types of firearms that resemble machine guns and so on, as observed in the manga. Level 2 Akuma are able to fight on the same level of a normal Exorcist, unlile their previous Level 1 form which was easy for Exorcists to destroy. Furthermore, according to Eliade, the souls inside the Akuma which have evolved to Level 2 or higher will never be able to reach heaven after being released from their Akuma vessel. After murdering enough people, it can evolve to Level 3.

Demandable Rank: Modified Akuma

Modified Akuma are Akuma, that were modified by the members of The Black Order. They are completely friendly and never attack people until they get too close to the Millenium Earl. If the Earl gives a Modified Akuma a direct order, the Modified Akuma will become evil again. To prevent this, when a Modified Akuma is about to loose control it'll automatically self destruct, thus preventing itself from attacking humans or Exorcists.

NOTE: In the series all of the modified Akuma were Level 2 ones. It's unknown, if it's possible to modify Akuma above Level 2. On this site I might let even a Level 3 Akuma become a modified one, but for this your character has to be really good...

Level 3

Level 3 brings perhaps the most terrifying changes of any previous stage. Regardless of their appearance in Level 2, all level 3 Akuma become bipedal, roughly 8 to 9 feet tall, with sharp jagged teeth, and wear what looks like medieval armor that covers most of their bodies (other than a few exceptions). In addition to this, they receive a massive power boost. A Level 3 Akuma is easily capable of standing up to multiple exorcists in combat and usually has an extremely powerful ability in addition to its greatly improved strength and speed. Their abilities seem to revolve around the use of their Dark Matter, the polar opposite of Innocence. General Level Exorcists, or Exorcists with powerful Innocence are able to destroy Level 3 Akuma easily though. The first Level 3 Akuma encountered in the series was only destroyed after a fight that almost cost Lenalee her life and forced her Innocence to take drastic measures, for a shocking revelation. According to Cross's modified Akuma, there are plenty of Akuma at Level 3 or above in Japan. The souls embedded in the level 3 Akuma are near gone and is a floating dark mass with eyes. The souls want to be released from being an Akuma by saying phrases like "Please love me," or "Please destroy me,". There are different types of Level 3 Akuma, one of which is the Stable, Melee-fighter type.

Demandable Rank: Combined Akuma

An enormous Akuma that was the result of large numbers of Akuma in Edo fusing. It had three faces, two on its cheeks and one larger one in the middle. Its main attack, "Evil Star Gita" consisted of five balls appearing around its main body in the form of an upside down pentagram, shooting vastly destructive laser-like beams. Sachiko was hit and presumably killed by one of these beams in an attempt to attack it. Eventually it was caught in Mari's threads and poisoned by the melody he played with them. It was finished off by Kanda slicing its main face in half, surprising onlookers by making it look easy after others had tried and failed. Cross Marian, Klaud Nine and Winter Socalo have easily destroyed many of them during the invasion of the Black Order HQ without any effort. However, the eye of one such Akuma attacked Johnny Gill and evolved to a level 4 Akuma, the first confirmed one in over 100 years for both the Black Order and the Bookmen.

Demandable Rank: Level 3.5

Level 3.5 like Level 1.5 also serves more like a half-way step for the evolution of a Level 3 Akuma, except that the Akuma's form and shape no longer bears any similarity with its former Level 3 form. Instead, as the Akuma starts to approach level 4, it tears off and sheds all of its metal skin and mechanical components and begins to develop or sprout organic flesh that quickly envelops the skeleton of the former Level 3 Akuma. The mass of flesh grows in size and begins to take human form, eventually transforming into a roughly 15 feet tall, nude, and human-shaped female. This form has no feet, as it stands erect like a statue on top of a pile of other Akuma and human corpses, and its belly is largely swollen giving off the impression that it is pregnant, with a number '4' in bold clearly painted on its stomach. Unlike previous Akuma forms, the Level 3.5 form remains completely motionless in a praying position, thus, it acts more like a chrysalis and shell for the evolving Akuma inside, which eventually it bursts out from the shell's womb in a contrasting act to human birth.

Level 4

The rarest Akuma's evolution yet (Bookman stated that in over 100 years, the order and Bookmen had never confirmed a Level 4). The soul trapped inside a Level 4, according to Allen, doesn't even look like a soul anymore and is just darkness, thus, cannot longer be saved (Allen puked after witnessing the horrifying change, unable to look at it after his initial glance). Unlike the tall, imposing figure of a Level 3 Akuma, the first Level 4 Akuma introduced is about the size of a small child (between 4-5 feet tall), and possesses a more childlike appearance. The body is pale, and the appearance of the face is similar to that of a combined Akuma. The body has an 'organic' appearance, with a series of large and small stripes ringing its arms, legs, and neck. A large, inverted pentacle appears on its slightly bulged stomach, with a smaller pentacle on its forehead. The joints on a Level 4 are visible, similar to the joints on a wooden puppet. A Level 4 also possesses a pair of small fairy-like wings and a pair of flattened halos over its head (one small, one large), giving it an angelic appearance. The Akuma's innocent appearance is just a facade, however, as it refers to itself as a 'massacre weapon'. A small flick of its fingers is strong enough to send a General-Level Exorcist (Allen) flying what seems to be several meters, with the consecutive landing enough to knock them unconscious and put a rather large crater into the impacted wall. It can also make a scream that is able to affect the generals and other exorcists and disrupt their synchronization rates. It has shown little regard for members of it's own faction, as it killed many of the newly made Skulls, all because it was "a little excited".

NOTE: You're allowed to create a custom appearance for your Level 4 Akuma, so it doesn't have to look like in the description, however you aren't allowed to create an Akuma, that completely looks like a human. You should pay aatention

Special Rank: Legendary Akuma
This is a Special Rank, which only those people can reach, who are truly great at RPing, never break the rules, have really good characters and are at least Level 3 ranked. The Legendary Akuma are nearly unbeatable.

Noah Ranks

Since there are lots of things we don't know about the members of the House of Noah, I can't create a Ranking System for them. For now every Noah Character will start as an Advanced Exorcist Level. Since even the weakest Noah character is very powerful, every user has to create really good characters to get approved. I really don't want anything special, just create a character and if I find it good enough, than I, or one of the Admins will approve it.

The only rank I was able to create is:

Special Rank: Legendary Noah
This is a Special Rank, which only those people can reach, who are truly great at RPing, never break the rules, have really good characters. The Legendary Noahs are nearly unbeatable.

Good luck!

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