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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Akuma Rules

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Akuma Rules Empty Akuma Rules

Post  Tyki Mikk on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:39 pm

Below are the rules for the primary akuma registry. Please read and be aware of these before creating your OC akuma. Purple is very important, yellow is rather important.

1) All akuma must begin at level 1. They do not have to be those bulbous, bullet firing brussel sprouts you see in the manga/anime. They CAN have original appearances, and show minor personality characteristics.

Now i know that starting out at level one is a major pain, but unfortunately (for you) there are certain guide lines to the anime/manga that must be followed.

NOTE: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT LEVEL 1 TO 2. It only lasts a few days if you are consistent. It is more of a test to see if you are up to standard for it. Level 3 is moderately long, and 4 does take some effort. Do take pride in the fact that level 4 are very powerful, so they will not be handed out easily.

2) Akuma must gain levels by evolving. Evolving is done though role playing, more specifically role playing the destruction of humans(see evolving rules). If a player is constant in his role-play, both with other players and against NPC (non-player characters) he/she can evolve. ALSO, if you are a good role-play battler, and battle other opponents in character, your evolution rate will increase. The better you do in battle, the faster you level.
Once you believe you are ready to evolve, inform an admin, and we shall reply to you the next day, after viewing what you have done.

3) YOU MUST UNDERSTAND YOUR LEVEL. A level one cannot fight more then 1 exorcist at a time and still win (Note: If you are a good Roleplay fighter, and it is within logic, we MAY allow it). A level 2 and 3 would fare as well as any other player. Level 4s have an advantage, but not a massive one (to be fair)

4) You are not god. You are an akuma. You cannot dodge bullets if you are 40 feet long. you cannot be cut in half and regenerate...well...most often not. You cannot destroy a city in one blast. Long story short: NO GOD MODING.

5) You have to follow akuma characteristics. For example, you cannot be an akuma who aimlessly goes around helping others, because akuma are CREATED to kill. Please, if you plan to play them, understand them psychological to some degree.

6) As an akuma, you must understand your position. An akuma is to never question the earl,or a noah. This is of course because they were created to be that way. Keep that in mind when role playing. Keep in mind however, that to be fair, they cannot order you to, per say "go die".

7) This may not come up, but just in case: Akuma cannot become good. Unless you are a specific modified akuma, that is converted to good, then we will allow it. Otherwise, please maintain the idea of evil.

Okay, that is about it for now. I know its a big post, but many of them as you can see are quite standards. Just little things you should know when creating a character, and then role playing them.

That's all of them for now. More may be added if need be.
~Tyki Mikk
Tyki Mikk
Tyki Mikk

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