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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Akuma Powers

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Akuma Powers

Post  Tyki Mikk on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:30 pm


Some notes:

For "weapons" i am referring to everything. Having two claws means two weapons, do take note of that.

For powers and description, you can make them separate, or the same. For example if you want your first power to be a fire blast, and your second to temporarily turn into shadow, that is just fine.


Akuma name:(Your name)

Form number 1:(Images, or description)

Characteristics: (What characteristics are you good at? Ex. speed, strength. What weapons do you have? For form 1, please list only one to two weapons. No abilities are available at form 1).


Form number 2: (image or description)

Special power for form: (At level two you get your first power. Please not it is not to be "god mode". This is your basic ability for your akuma. Please list only one.)

characteristic: (Same as before, what are you good at physically? What weapons? In this form you are allowed two weapons, three at most, depending on your ability. You may also be more physically able then form one. For example: "faster then form one" or "stronger then form one")


Form number 3:(image or description)

Special power for form: (same as level two. Add another special power. This power and the first are different/separate. In other words, you get this power and your first. Stronger then your first if you'd like. Once again no god-more)

characteristic: (You should be aware of it by now. Physical description. May be stronger then form one or two. Maximum 3 weapons, but varies on powers).


Form number 4: (Your ultimate form. Picture/description.)

Special power for form: (Your third and final power. This is your third ability, separate from first and second. Can be a combination attack of the first two if you like. As hard as it may sound, NO GOD MODING. This is in fact your ultimate ability, so make it fair and organized.)

characteristic: (Physical power, of course strongest then your other forms if you'd like. Maximum 4 weapons.)
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