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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap17%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 17% [ 4 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap17%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 17% [ 4 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap21%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 21% [ 5 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap8%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 8% [ 2 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap25%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 25% [ 6 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap4%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 4% [ 1 ]
Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_lcap8%Noah- Tyki Mikk Vote_rcap 8% [ 2 ]

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Noah- Tyki Mikk

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Noah- Tyki Mikk Empty Noah- Tyki Mikk

Post  Tyki Mikk on Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:31 pm

Name: Tyki Mikk

Origin: Portuguese

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 70kg (154 pounds)

Affiliation: Noah

Age : 28

Gender: Male

Tyki is known to harbor a split double life. Though the details are not exact, he is known to have several friends, and a great longing for the life, entailing that he has had it for a considerable period of time. Despite this, there is no exact detail as to his previous history of his Caucasian color. Similarly, his previous history as a Noah is unknown.


Noah- Tyki Mikk Rsz_1
(Tyki Mikk as a human)

Tyki, when human, is a light-skinned man that looks like he is in his mid to late twenties. He dresses casually and wears thick glasses that generally obscure his real eyes. His clothes usually include suspenders and a white shirt. His hair is usually unkempt and ruffled.

Noah- Tyki Mikk Tyki_mikk
(Tyki in his regular appearance)

As a Noah. He turns into a dark-skinned and often wears a tuxedo almost constantly, but switched it out for a dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. His eyes are are bright yellow as common to Noahs. He has a light beauty mark below his left eyes. His hair is darker then his usual form, and usually pulled back. Also, similarly to the Noah clan, he bears black crosses on his forehead (7 in total).

Noah- Tyki Mikk 15
(Tyki Mikk in his Awakened Noah)

When in his "awakened" Noah form he looks almost looks like a knight; his body retains its human shape but with more muscles, a strange mask over his face, and his clothing changes to a fur cape/royal looking battle suit. There also appear to be ribbon-like strips of dark matter protruding from his shoulder-blades, which he can control as an extension of himself.


Interest: Double life, playing cards, smoking cigarettes
Likes: Eating with Eeez and the gang,
Dislikes: Studying

Tykie Mikk, then in his Caucasian form, is a well-mannered, but not altogether innocent seeming vagabond. Not foul per say, he seems like your average daily human, living the life of a miner. He is generally polite (in a simple way) and is a tad proud, but none the less seems no different from any other kind common man.

Tyki Mikk as a noah generally carries himself with an air of nobility. He is well spoken and well mannered, making him seem very aristocratic. He also shows traces of a very subtle arrogance, not outright evident, but hinted in his manners and attitude. At the worst of times, he is filled with an extreme sadism, and ill-mannered wish to kill, that seems to teeter on pure suppressed insanity.

Education - 2

Affinity - 3

Battle Ability - 5

Mental - 4

Flexibility - 3

Activeness - 2

(Mentioned in more detail in powers)

Noah ability Details:.

"Teaze"- Tyki's most prominent ability is to control flesh-eating butterfly golems called Teaze. There are 2 types, the standard one which look like purple and black butterflies which Tyki uses for most tasks. And the 2nd type are butterflies with a skull in the middle with 2 wing with a striped vertical pattern. These are able to shoot bullets similar to Akuma.

Teaze have their own alternatives however. He may also transform a Teaze (or a pair of them) in a mixed shield/blade on his hands. He may convert them to energy temporarily and launch them at an enemy, making it easier for the Teaze to enter an opponent’s body, or force them into a body at close range.

"Choose"- As the Noah of "Pleasure", Tyki is able to 'choose' whatever he wishes to touch, which can make him intangible to many solid objects or treat liquids and air as if they have solid form. This ultimately allows Tyki to walk on water or air at will. A common form of this ability is used to kill many of his victims. This entails removing their vital organs without damaging the exterior of the body. He has also been seen to force Tease into his opponent's body, which eat the victim from the inside out. He can also create a perfect vacuum around an opponent, completely removing their air supply.

When gravely injured by innocence Tyki can transform into a monstrous being of pure dark matter. This form gives Tyki enhanced power, speed, and all around abilities, as well as the ability (as mentioned in appearance) to control ribbons of dark matter off his body and direct them towards his enemies.

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Tyki Mikk
Tyki Mikk

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Noah- Tyki Mikk Empty Re: Noah- Tyki Mikk

Post  Miranda on Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:38 pm


Thank you and Welcome to If you have any questions or comments feel free to PM myself or Lenalee.

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