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Madness - Sokaro's Innocence

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Madness - Sokaro's Innocence

Post  Sokaro on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:29 am

Owner: Sokaro Winters

Weapon's name: Madness

Type: Equipment

Appearance:When not invoked, it appears as two spiked half-rings attached to Sokaro's shoulders. When Sokaro invokes his Innocence, he slides the rings down his arms and claps his hands together, creating a complete circle. When the circle is complete, two enormous blades materialize on either side of the ring.

Level 1: Madness

Normal ability: Sokaro uses Madness as a powerful, close-combat Anti-Akuma weapon, usually by spinning the blades at high speed, creating a massive buzz saw.

Special Attack: He can also use his Innocence in an attack technique, called Madness Dederupa (神狂い 火葬舞, lit. Cremation Dance), in which he spins the blades at a very high speed (causing them to be superheated) and throws them at his enemies, melting and slicing them. He is seen capable of defeating a giant akuma and could take down a level 4 without much trouble. He relishes the fight and displays extreme bloodlust during battle.

Level 2: Name and changes in looks. Getting this right away is iffy. If you want to use this right away in your rp even if you are a new user, pm Lenalee.

Special Attack: Again, does it gain another special ability?

Level 3: Name and changes in looks. You can't have this right away when you start rp'ing in this forum.

Special Attack: Do i have to repeat myself?

Critical Point Breaker: Name and changes in looks. Please note that this is a thingy that might wear your char out almost completely, or kill him/her. You cannot have it right away as a new member, but after you have rp'd a little.

Special Attack: You know, i HATE to repeat myself...

Special form: This is kinda like Allens crown clown. Gained after a while of rp, depending completely on your skill at rp battle. You just gotta find someone to fight and ask Lenalee (which is me) to look at the fight, so that i can decide if you are worthy of gaining this. BUT you can create it anyhow, even if you are not able to use it.

Special ability: ... No, I'm not saying it.

Downside: A pullback. For example, if you do use this form, does it wear you out faster than usual?(recomended) Or some other thing that happens to you after you stop using it/While your using it.

Picture:: Optional but apreciated.


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Re: Madness - Sokaro's Innocence

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:34 am



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