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Winters Sokaro

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Winters Sokaro

Post  Sokaro on Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:56 am

Name - Winters Sokaro

Age - 39

Gender – Male


History – Edo arc
Sokaro first appears alongside fellow general Klaud Nine before the coffins of their respective team members. While Cloud weeps, Sokaro insults his team, calling them "a bunch of loser dogs". Whether this was really out of disrespect, or a form of denial and/or grief is unknown. It could also be taken as a metaphor.

Invasion of HQ arc
Later, when the Level 4 Akuma attacks the Black Order headquarters, he counterattacks with his fellow generals. He viciously rips apart several Akuma and revels in the bloodbath that they spawn.

Appearance –

Character – A former prisoner from Mexico, Sokaro is a harsh man who wears a hard leather (almost metal-like) mask over his head. Unlike the other generals, he seems to have little regard for his Exorcist team (consisting of Kazana Reed, Chakar Rabon, and Suman Dark, all of whom are eventually killed by Tyki Mikk). Sokaro displays a sadistic love of battle and shows an unsettling joy while he is killing. He shows very little compassion for others. When Lulu Bell attempts to use Miranda Lotto as a human shield he comments that "she has the right mindset as an Exorcist" and commences his attack anyway. His style of combat is reckless and berserk like an unleashed animal and intimidates even his fellow Exorcists.

When his mask is removed, Sokaro is revealed to be dark skinned and has spiked hair and teeth and a black scar across his nose just beneath his white eyes. He also wears a pair of gold and red earrings. Ironically, his overall appearance is similar to and perhaps more intimidating than the Akuma he is sworn to destroy.


NO! You do not have infinite points. So choose wisely. -________-

Education - 2

Affinity - 2

Battle Ability - 5

Mental - 3

Flexibility -4

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Re: Winters Sokaro

Post  Miranda on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:18 am


Welcome to D.Gray-man! Thank you for Joining General Sokaro! If you have and comments or questions, feel free to PM myself, Lenalee, or our Mod Lavi. ^-^

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