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Dark boots- Lenalee's Innocence.

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Dark boots- Lenalee's Innocence.

Post  Lenalee on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:56 pm

Owner: Lenalee Lee

Weapon's name: Dark Boots

Type: Equipment


Lenalee's Innocence is a pair of boots known as the "Dark Boots" (黒い靴). When invoked, they greatly increase Lenalee's speed and strength, particularly in her legs. However, according to Lenalee, the Dark Boots are always heavy and painful to wear. Before the Dark Boots are invoked, they resemble a pair of thigh-high boots; when invoked, the top part of her boots seem to unwrap themselves; the boots extend to her knees, and a glowing green strip manifests on her skin, from the toes to the middle of the thigh.

Level 1:

Onkyou no Tougi: Otokase (音響の踏技 「音枷」, lit. Stepping Skill of Sound: "Sound Shackles"): Lenalee becomes able to interface with sound waves, solidifying the sound of each step into a surface, which allows her to travel at the speed of sound.

Suijou no Tougi: Mizukase (水上の踏技 「水枷」, lit. Stepping Skill of Water: "Water Shackles"): Lenalee becomes able to interface with water, enabling her to walk on liquid surfaces.

Enbu Kirikaze: (円舞「霧風」, Waltz: "Mist-Wind"): Lenalee stirs up a destructive tornado with a whirling kick of her Dark Boots.

Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase (失墜の踏技 「鉄枷」, lit. Falling Footwork: "Iron Shackles"): Upon maximum invocation, Lenalee's power condenses unto her Dark Boots, meshing them into a morass of blades, carrying an extremely high weight. Assisted by Eshii's gravity shackles, this attack hit with the weight of 40,000 metric tons. which is equivilent to a meteor.

Downside: According to Lenalee, the Dark Boots are always heavy and painful to wear.


(Equipment Type)

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Re: Dark boots- Lenalee's Innocence.

Post  Miranda on Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:12 pm

Apppprrrooooved! <3

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