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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Komui Lee the Supervisor .

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Komui Lee the Supervisor . Empty Komui Lee the Supervisor .

Post  Guest on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:33 pm

Name - Komui Lee

Age - 29

Gender – Male

History – Intro arc

Komui is first seen alongside the science division as they witness Allen Walker approaching HQ. Komui doesn't understand why a "regular kid" would come so he wanted Allen thrown off the cliff. However, as Allen fails a exam, Komui sends Yu Kanda to intercept him. As Allen pleads to everyone that his master, general Cross Marian, sent a letter of recomindation to "a guy named Komui", everyone realizes Komui was lazy again and didn't check his mail. After finding the letter in his cluttered desk, he allows Allen in.

After, not really, apologizing to Allen, he repairs his Anti-Akuma Weapon and sends him to Hevlaska. He neglects to tell him the pain he'll receive in the process of getting probed though. After this Komui officially welcomes Allen into the Black Order.

Ghost of Mater arc

Komui sends Allen and Kanda on a mission to Mater to find a piece of innocence, however he has to be tricked into thinking Lenalee is getting married before he can wake up and give them the mission. As he sends them off, he gives Allen his own Exorcist uniform and wishes him luck.

As Allen returns, Komui creates a robot called "Sir Komlin II" to assist the Science Division in thier work. However, Komulin II goes insane after drinking coffee and tries to make Lenalee more "Manly" much to Komui's dismay. Conflicted for his love for his sister and his "son", Komui throws Allen to the wolves and tell Komlin II to "fix" Allen's arms. As the Science Division tries to save Allen, Komui does his best to stop them even drugging Allen so he couldn't destroy Komlin II. Lenalee wakes up and pummels both Komlin II and Komui for endangering Allen.

The Vampire in the Old Castle arc

Komui had ordered all exorcists to find the remaining generals after general Kevin Yeegar was killed by the Noah Family. As he told Allen to find general Cross Marian, he had to hold Allen so he didn't run away as he begged Komui that he didn't want to see him again. Never the less, Komui forced Allen to find him.

As Lavi informed Komui about Krory joining the Order and Allen's pentacle's upgrade, Komui compared the pentacle to an Akuma since it upgraded.

Edo arc

As many finders and exorcists were getting killed in a very short time, Komui refused to let the deads' families know so they wouldn't become Akuma. However, he began to suspect that someone had betrayed the Black Order and he later found out through Allen and Lenalee that Suman Dark had become a "Fallen One" thus proving his suspicions.

Appearance – Komui Lee the Supervisor . 46255

Character – Komui is shown as a very whimsical and goofy character, he is somewhat sadistic and occasionally borderline maniacal. He drinks coffee nonstop and only drinks Blue Mountain coffee. He is lazy and often tries to worm his way out of doing work by either running away from the office (Reever has to track him down), talking on the phone non-stop even when the other side hung up or other methods (he created a robot named Komurin II that went berserk and nearly tore the HQ apart). During his naps, one of the only ways to wake him up is to say that Lenalee is getting married due to his doting personality.

Komui, despite everything, does have a serious side. He feels guilty for throwing the Exorcists and Finders into danger, and tries to help in anyway he can, such as making better uniforms to protect the Exorcists. He is also the one to repair damages done to the Innocences of the Exorcists although the method seems very painful. He showed a more solemn and ruthless side in the funeral for the Exorcists and Finders by refusing requests to bring General Yeager's body back to his home and saying that the General's body must be cremated. Firm in his beliefs, Komui has shown a daring in refusing to follow Special Auditor Malcom Rouvelier's orders about keeping the Akuma Egg, and instead issues his own orders for the Egg's destruction.

Interests: Sewing and Inventing
Likes: Coffee (Blue Mountain) and Lenalee
Dislikes: Tidying up and Lenalee's future husband



Education - 5

Affinity - 2

Battle Ability - 2

Mental - 5

Flexibility - 3 [Seeing what he is capable in the anime XDDD]


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Komui Lee the Supervisor . Empty Re: Komui Lee the Supervisor .

Post  Lenalee on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:41 pm


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