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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Post  Guest on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:00 pm

Owner:Arystar Krory III

(Its actually Unknown)


Appearance:Krorys Teeth-Umm Their sharp and strong.
Silver Like

Level 1:"Crimson" (紅)

Normal ability:
Krory received his Innocence from a plant Cross Marian gave to him. The plant bit Krory afterwards. After agonizing pain, his teeth fell out and were replaced by his parasitic form of Innocence. The strength of his Innocence lies in his blood, allowing him to manipulate the blood in his body and, to an extent, others' bodies. When invoked, it grants him feral-type abilities and enhanced overall strength, such as increased strength, speed, and agility. And because the Innocence allows him to break down Akuma poison, Krory can drink the Akuma's blood, which he comments tastes like tomato juice. The blood allows him to quickly regenerate and temporarily increase his strength. But he is not immune to the poison, as seen in his fight with Jasdevi on the Ark, when his body is too weak to break down the poison. Krory is also able to remove the poison from another person by drinking their blood. On the other hand, he can also inject his blood, laced with Innocence, into the Akuma by biting them. Although this kills them in seconds, it also weakens him. Krory has dubbed this ability "Crimson" (紅), because the Akuma disintegrates into tiny red particles, which Miranda likened to "crimson snow". Krory is also capable of wrapping blood around his hands to fortify the flesh beneath as demonstrated during his battle with Jasdevi though this is very painful.

Special Attack:
"Bloody Krory"(血のクロウリー), In addition, Krory can drain the blood from his body and wield his maximum strength remotely as an almost invulnerable, winged blood mannequin which is also seen during the height of his battle with Jasdevi. However, after using this technique he becomes so exhausted he cannot stand or move. But this may have occurred due to his imprisonment in an Iron Maiden. During this attack, Krory's body is left open and exposed to attack and if he is able to use it again in the future then it would probably put his prone body in jeopardy.

Level 2: Name and changes in looks. Getting this right away is iffy. If you want to use this right away in your rp even if you are a new user, pm Lenalee.

Special Attack: Again, does it gain another special ability?

Level 3: Name and changes in looks. You can't have this right away when you start rp'ing in this forum.

Special Attack: Do i have to repeat myself?

Critical Point Breaker: Name and changes in looks. Please note that this is a thingy that might wear your char out almost completely, or kill him/her. You cannot have it right away as a new member, but after you have rp'd a little.

Special Attack: You know, i HATE to repeat myself...

Special form: This is kinda like Allens crown clown. Gained after a while of rp, depending completely on your skill at rp battle. You just gotta find someone to fight and ask Lenalee (which is me) to look at the fight, so that i can decide if you are worthy of gaining this. BUT you can create it anyhow, even if you are not able to use it.

Special ability: ... No, I'm not saying it.

Downside: A pullback. For example, if you do use this form, does it wear you out faster than usual?(recomended) Or some other thing that happens to you after you stop using it/While your using it.

Picture:: Optional but apreciated.


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Post  Lenalee on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:02 pm

Approved, awesome use of my title suggestion XDDD

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