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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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Post  Allen on Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:02 pm

Name - Allen Walker.

Age - 15-16.

Gender – Male.


History – Allen Walker was abandoned by his parents at a very early stage because of his left arm, which was said to merely be deformed and red. He was left all alone until he reached the age of 7, which was when he met the circus clown Mana Walker, whom adopted the lonely boy without much hesitation. Allen was given the surname of his step father, which he, till this day, is very proud of.

However, the happiness of his life soon died, leaving Allen in grief. Because of this, he was easily tricked by the Earl, who told him he could revive Mana. Being young, foolish and craving for the love he held so dear, Allen could do nothing but wanting the Earl to bring Mana back to him. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned for the human boy, who suddenly found himself faced with an akuma form of Mana. His father attacked him and Allen's innocence flarred up, killing the akuma, but not before Mana scarred his left eye. This wound gave him something like a 'second eye', which let him see akuma hiding in human bodies. It also left him with the Pentacle -the mark of an akuma-, which is formed as a star in his skin. His hair turned from brown to white after these events.

After some time, Allen meets with Cross Marian, who learned him all about akuma and the souls that often hides in humans. The man thought him how to use his innocence and fight, but at the same time, Allen was forced to play poker -and cheat- to pay off all of his master's debts. He spent three years like this before Marian sent him to the Black order along with the golem Timcampy to become a proper and offical exorcist.

As the story goes on, Allen evolves a lot and reaches his innocence's full potentional and the Crown clown is born. However, shortly after, he learns that he is a reincarnation of the 14th Noah.

Appearance –
Allen Walker 51942

Allen Walker 600px-184_008_2
Allen in his Noah form.

Character – Allen Walker is polite and friendly to everyone he meets, except for his enemies. He's the type to smile and greet practically everyone he knows, although Kanda is an exception. He's also very well-mannered, thinking about everyone else, even akuma, before himself. One of his goals are to save the poor souls of the akuma, which he can easily see with his left, cursed eye. Allen is loyal and protective. He's also of the social type. Because of his innocence, Allen eats a lot more than anyone else twice his size would ever manage to eat to keep his energy on top. Without the food, he won't be able to function properly.

He is a very loyal and protective person and has come to the aid of his friends on several occasions. He mostly remains optimistic regardless of what his situation is because of his vow to Mana Walker to keep moving forward and not give up.

He also has a "black" personality - deceptive, arrogant, and no mercy - which is usually shown when he is playing card-games or remembers about the debts left by Cross. This personality, a polar contrast to his usual behaviors, led many to wonder what Cross had done to him.

* Hobbies: Making money, eating, and playing cards,fighting the akuma.
* Favorite food: Mitarashi dango (rice dumplings with salty-sweet syrup)
* Dislikes: Alcohol, Kanda , his master and his master's debts, Earl, and being called "Bean sprout".



Education - 3

Affinity - 3

Battle Ability - 5

Mental - 5

Flexibility - 3

Rescue - 5

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Post  Lenalee on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:55 pm

Approved, please enjoy D-Gray.Man

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