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Best Looking Guy on D.Gray man?

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General Rules.

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General Rules. Empty General Rules.

Post  Lenalee on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:07 pm

No Metagaming:

In role-playing games, a player is metagaming when they use knowledge that is not available to their character in order to change the way they play their character (usually to give them an advantage within the game), such as knowledge of the mathematical nature of character statistics. It refers to any gaps between player knowledge and character knowledge which the player acts upon. Metagaming is forbidden on this forum and anyone, who does it, will be punished.

No Spamming:

Spam is the posting of advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages on the forum. ‘One word posting’ is also considered as spamming, wich is prohibited on this site. With spamming you make the Admins and Mods of the forum work more. And if you make us work more, you’ll get into trouble (in the end you can even get banned)!

NOTE: If you want to post 'random' messages, you can use the Chatbox or go to the Random forum! XP

No Godmoding:

A person is godmoding, when he/she overpowers his/her character in a way, that they become invincible, has limitless power or does everything perfectly. It’s also called godmoding when you control someone else’s character without his/her permission. In an RP fight you can’t even hit your opponent without warning him/her in one of your previous posts. Yes, godmoding is forbidden, but there are special cases, when it’s allowed. These are when two characters, that are on completely different levels fight (for example if a Level 1 Akuma fights a Level 4 one). In this case the stronger character is allowed to godmode, since the weaker one has absolutely no chance against him/her.

No Adult Content:

This is a very important rule! You can’t post pictures videos or texts, that are only suitable for adults on this forum. Anyone posting adult content will get a warning and if he/she goes on with breaking this rule, that member will be automatically banned.

No Oneliners:

I absolutely hate it, when someone’s posts are too short! Every roleplayer should be able to write at least two lines in each of their posts. Of course there are cases, when you just can’t write more than a few words. If so, then apologize in OOC. This way you won’t get punished, but you can’t use this too frequently. Oneliner posting is not considered as spamming, so you can’t get banned because of it, but you won’t be able to reach higher ranks and your RP sessions will be boring. It’s also hard to RP with someone who uses oneliners, since it makes it hard for you to reply in more than one line. Everyone, please, use your fantasy!

No Double Posting:

If you posted a comment you have to wait for the other one to reply! Don’t post ‘bump’ or anything like this, because it’s annoying! Just send the one, whose reply you’re waiting for a PM (but don’t do anything like PM-ing him/her every day because of things like this). Believe me, it’s much more effective and, in my opinion, less annoying!


Every member must respect the other members of the forum. Please, try not to quarrel on this
site and never post vulgar or racist comments, because they won’t be tolerated.

You always have to respect the Admins & Mods of the site! Never argue with an Admin or Mod, but do what he/she tells you to do!

Oh and for the Admins & Mods: never use you powers for personal reasons or for fun! An Admin or Mod who does this will automatically get banned! Only Admins can approve themselves, Mods need to get their approvals from another Admin or Mod.


NOTE: Those who break the rules will be warned before they receive a punishment. In his/her profile every member has a 'Warning Bar'. If you break a rule, an Admin will add points into that bar and when it's filled, the member will get banned.

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